Walmart Selects Robinson, TX for State-of-the-Art Manufacturing Facility

Walmart Manufacturing has selected Robinson, Texas for its next state-of-the-art milk manufacturing plant. The $380 million capital investment project will create nearly 400 new jobs in the Greater Waco region of Central Texas. This project also represents the first anchor tenant in the Robinson Business Park.

“We’re excited to be able to provide Texas and its surrounding states with high-quality milk sourced primarily from Texas dairy farmers,” said Bruce Heckman, Vice President of Manufacturing at Walmart. “This new facility continues our commitment to building a more resilient and transparent supply chain and ensuring our customers’ needs are met for this everyday staple.”

Walmart’s announcement comes after an extensive site selection process. The Robinson Business Park was selected due to its prime Texas location along Interstate 35 and its proximity to the central United States, the region’s comprehensive infrastructure to support the food and beverage industry and its extensive higher education resources to nourish a long-term talent pipeline. Upon completion, expected in 2026, the facility will have more than 310,000 square feet of production and distribution space.

The Robinson plant represents Walmart’s third milk processing facility, and its first in Texas.

The facility will use locally and regionally sourced ingredients and will produce a variety of milk options in multiple sizes and flavors.

“Today marks a momentous occasion as we welcome Walmart, a pioneering industry leader, to our community. This monumental investment is the first of its kind in both size and value in our community, signaling a transformative era for Robinson,” said City of Robinson Mayor, Bert Echterling.

“Walmart’s decision to establish its roots here is a testament to the strength of our local economy, the dedication of our workforce, and the strategic advantages that our city offers,” he continued. “This landmark development not only promises job creation and economic growth but also underscores Robinson’s position as a hub for innovation and progress. As we embark on this exciting journey with Walmart, we anticipate a synergistic partnership that will not only benefit our residents but also elevate Robinson to new heights.”

“We are proud to welcome a company, which tops the Fortune 500, to McLennan County,” said McLennan County Judge Felton. “Great appreciation goes to the Robinson City Council, its City Manager, Craig Lemin, and McLennan County Commissioner Jim Smith for working hand in hand with Walmart to ensure the necessary needs were met. This project is another example of how cities throughout McLennan County can participate in economic development.”

“McLennan County is excited that our region has been named one of the top regions for food and beverage manufacturing businesses and this project reinforces our strength in this area,” he said.

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